It’s All About The Music!

Just Add Water was organized in the Spring of 2005 to celebrate the music we love.  Thirteen years later we’re still going strong with:

  • Rich Burns on Drums and Lead Vocals (Original Member)
  • Brian Stutzman on Lead Vocals (Original Member)
  • Mike Rosati on Electric Guitar and Lead Vocals (Original Member)
  • Max Sandler on Keyboards
  • Joe Lannutti on Bass and Backing Vocals
  • Craig Scott on Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals

Our chemistry and our passion is why we’re still together after 13 years.  We approach what we do with one simple premise; good enough just isn’t good enough! As in any endeavor worth doing, it’s all in the details.  A background guitar or synthesizer track that you might not be consciously aware of, but you would know is missing if it isn’t there. We use instruments and amplifiers virtually identical to the ones on your favorite rock recording. No computers, no overdubs, no auto-tune, just kick-ass classic rock the way it was originally recorded and meant to be heard, with dedication, passion and love of the music.

Spend an evening at one of our gigs and re-live the golden age of real rock and roll.


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