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Jamming at the Water Tower

Getting the Tempo Right

151124_SetShoot_0066a_750xMost bands will learn a song, and meet periodically to practice.  Only a few bands put practice over all else, and constantly hone their skills.  All of us that play in the Just Add Water Band, has the dedication and drive, first to ensure our audience, fans, clients, and those who love to ROCK AND ROLL “GET WHAT THEY PAY FOR!”  Known for our passion; likened to that of a puppy with a sock, Just Add Water Band focuses on getting it right and keeping it Sexy.

Whether your are a guest at a party, paid a cover charge to get into a bar or night club.  Whether you were the one that hired the Band, or just attended the wedding of a friend or family member.  Your expectations are all the same — “If I am not tapping my foot, I’ll be stepping out!”

And, in all the years Just Add Water Band has been providing the best in classic rock and roll and has never disappointed.  And that’s the fact Jack!