December 2018 Delaware Valley Jaguar Club Newsletter:

Most of you know that I love classical music and also know that I have held, and still hold, leadership positions in two classical musical non-profits – the Kennett Symphony (where I am currently serving as president) and Gretna Music (where I am past-president and currently serving as treasurer). What you probably don’t know is that I love most forms of music including jazz, rock, blues, and bluegrass. I am writing this paragraph after my lovely wife Irena and I went to Duffer’s Tavern on Rte 352 in Glen Mills to hear ‘Just Add Water’, a (mostly) classic rock band anchored by our club curmudgeon, Max Sandler, on keyboards. Believe me, if you want to hear kick-ass classic rock the way it was originally recorded and meant to be heard, with dedication, passion and love of the music you need to hear ‘Just Add Water’. They got the first set off to a flying start with two Stones tunes, Jumpin’ Jack Flash and Brown Sugar. Then they went on a journey through classic rock, progressive rock, and a sprinkling of Motown that included the Beatles, Bad Company, the Alan Parson’s Project, Hall & Oates, Led Zeppelin, the Temptations, KC and the Sunshine Band, Lynard Skynard, and others. We left at 12:30am after the second set because Irena was fading fast. I was disappointed because we missed the Pink Floyd tunes that were promised for the end of the third set. Max was featured on Lynard Skynard’s “Call Me the Breeze” and Led Zeppelin’s “All My Love” and he was out-standing. ‘Just Add Water’ is returning to Duffer’s on February 9, 2019. I think we should have a Jaguar Club gathering there. You won’t be disappointed.

Paul Merluzzi, President, 12/8/18