“I finally listened to the entire 3-CD collection that was recorded at Duffer’s last November. It really is extremely well-done. Of course, I was there for the original live concert but the recording allowed me to absorb some of the intricacies and details of the performance. Specifically, I could hear the keyboards much better on the recording than in the live performance. You should have them amp up your volume a bit. The band did an outstanding job on the three Pink Floyd tracks, especially Pigs. Thank you for including my favorite prog rock band in the mix. Thoroughly enjoyable. But I think my favorite track was “Ain’t No Sunshine”; great guitar work, good vocals. and outstanding keyboard work (loved your Hammond B3 emulation at the beginning and then switching to piano mode and back again).That track was perfect in my opinion.”

Paul M, 9/7/22

Reprinted from the Daily Local News – October 6, 2023